Gait and Posture Podiatry

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Special Projects

Lynn Marriott is currently aiming to actively promote this specialized field. Her ultimate goal is to reduce the rate of obesity, diabetes and cardiology problems by improving mobility via biomechanical assessment and patient education. Lynn is currently teaching and promoting knowledge of orthoses and biomechanics. The aim is increased awareness of this field to assist in reducing rates of obesity and diabetes by increasing mobility in an ageing population and enabling patients to exercise and keep fit and healthy .

Lynn Marriott is also a qualified fitness instructor. She understands how women can feel self conscious in a fitness environment and has access to a private gym to help a beginner to get started. With her medical training she considers what is appropriate to an individual and feels that other trainers might be pushing people to achieve what they are not capable of for medical reasons. The most important point in her book is to teach someone how to enjoy exercise.

Her preference is to instill a lifetime habit of exercise through first ascertaining a very detailed medical history, including biomechanical considerations. She believes that people should first experience success and has understanding of the individual to allow this to happen. Lynn is a Podiatrist first and foremost, but enjoys helping a limited amount of people to keep their muscle strength as they age as part of preventing diabetes and other conditions.

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