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Questions + Answers

What is an HPC Podiatrist?

The Health Professions Council regulates Podiatrists and Chiropodists to ensure all have high standards of conduct and appropriate insurance. They have to maintain up to date knowledge and can work in the NHS or privately. Lynn Marriott is a Sports Podiatrist and she covers a wide variety of medical conditions and knowledge relating to the lower limbs.

Will my private Health insurance cover the cost?

In many cases yes, depending on the terms of cover this is possible. Please see our section on GP referral.

Can I self refer to a Podiatrist?

Yes. In some cases another specialist may be more appropriate. All new patients will be telephoned by the Podiatrist to ensure that this is the appropriate appointment for you.

Is it possible have Biomechanical tests as a preventative measure to prevent problems?

Yes, it's a good idea for all adults to see a Podiatrist once a year. We only prescribe Orthoses when there is a strong rationale and in many cases there is a more appropriate solution.

I have heard there is a treadmill test. Will I have to run on a treadmill to be tested?

In some cases this may be necessary, but in many cases only walking is necessary. Patients are only treadmill tested if it is safe to do so bearing in mind their full medical history and other pathologies.

What are the benefits to the Patient of orthoses treatment?

Custom made devices control abnormal motion and may eliminate the jarring effect. They substantially slow down wear and tear. This does vary, depending on the individual's biomechanics and expectations will be discussed with the Podiatrist.

What are orthoses and what do they look like?

Orthoses are custom made shoe inserts, similar to devices sold in chemist shops. A device prescribed by a podiatrist is individually made for you by a specialist lab, based on the Podiatrists' prescription. Prescriptions are only written after extensive testing and measuring and a plaster of paris casting. Prescription orthoses can take into account lifestyle, medical conditons and feet that function differently from each other. It can also accommodate the Pes Cavus (high Arch) foot which a chemist shop standard device is unlikely to do. If an over the counter device is suitable for you then we will make a recommendation for you.

Will a device fit in all my shoes?

We will give you detailed written and verbal instructions about the footwear suitable before prescribing a device. In can be designed with your preferred foot wear in mind. If you need a high prescription and you prefer high heeled shoes then a lifestyle change may be required.

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