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Modern Medicine

The focus of modern medicine is now firmly based on preventative measures.We all tend to lose muscle mass as part of the ageing process which can lead to weight gain and makes it more difficult to exercise. Many mature adults now find that biomechanic/foot orthoses are increasingly important to maintain their quality of life as the skeletal system ages.The field of medical engineering and biomechanics is constantly changing and every year we are able to help more patients that we could not help previously. Many patients have struggled for years, only to find a device can be the answer to their ongoing foot/back/hip/knee pain when they were told it was just their age. Patients are generally much more active than they were ten years ago and often there is no need to lose quality of life with age. We have longer appointment times and are often able to treat the root cause of problems simply by obtaining more detail from the patient than has been achieved in the past. We can slow down wear and tear of the joints, but obviously can not reverse any damage that is already there. We enjoy a very high success rate which makes it a very rewarding occupation.

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