Gait and Posture Podiatry

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We have a well equipped surgery to offer a comprehensive range of Chiropody treatments. We undertake doppler studies, diabetic testing, ingrowing nails, footwear advice, corns and callous.

We believe that most Chiropody problems occur because of faulty biomechanics of the foot, commonly due to a collapsed arch/high arch. Often we treat several members of the same family, proving just how genetic these problems are. The root cause of the problem needs to be treated if at all possible.

We give general advice and look to reduce pressure on these problem areas. Our biomechanical expertise means that often a person who had regular treatment now does not need treatment as frequently. This represents a considerable cost saving to the patient.

Commonly we find a leg length difference, or that each foot functions in an entirely different way to the other one, having the same effect. When the leg length difference is corrected the patient finds they no longer need regular treatments. This can also reduce the cost of other treatments e.g. back problems caused by leg length discrepancy. Of course lower limb pain, knee and hip pain are often also caused by biomechanical problems.
Often during just a routine Chiropody appointment the root cause is picked up and solved and the problem solved. It is often an advantage to have a Podiatrist who does so much gait analysis and sport medicine.

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